Our Vision

Swimming benefits the entire community. It is the one sport that is appropriate for all ages and abilities. With a year-round facility, safe and fun recreation is available to individuals and to families. An indoor aquatics facilities can offer swimming lessons to young children, school-age children, and even adults–making everybody safer in the water and reducing the likelihood of drowning. 

Communities with year-round aquatic facilities have seen its effect in increasing property values. This keeps both school districts and communities comparable with others.   


Swimming is for everyone

Swimming is for everyone

Swimming isn’t just for our children or our schools, it’s for everyone. Throughout the U.S., schools and communities are joining together to provide aquatic facilities. Huron Valley Schools in Highland, Michigan served approximately 11,000 students when the two high schools opened their indoor pools to the community. People in the community now have a place for recreational swimming and water fitness while the school district earns a little extra money. The aquatic facilities and fitness facilities were built through school bond issues.


In California, the City of Bakersfield and the Kern High School District partnered for a new public swimming pool. And in Bowling Green, Kentucky, an eight-lane pool with a capacity for 104 people in the stands and more than 500 around the deck opened at T.C. Cherry Elementary School. The Warren County Academic and Aquatic Center was opened to both students and the public. Previously, high school swimmers had to rent three lanes from Western Kentucky University for more than 50 swimmers.


We believe the Norman community deserves a year-round community aquatics facility for students, competitive swimmers, recreational swimmers, and our senior population.



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