More to the Annual Pisces Pool Party Than Swimming

When the 8th Annual Pisces Summer Pool Party was held July 16, it was more than free swimming and a chance to say good-bye to Westwood Pool, it was also a chance to talk about what comes next. Construction plans for the outdoor aquatic facility are a go and when the summer swim season opens next year, it will be to a new outdoor pool, but what about an indoor facility. Year round swimmers know they have few options and those options seem to be getting fewer.

With that in mind, Pisces supporters signed a petition urging the Norman City Council to move forward on an indoor facility. The petition will be submitted to council members, but don’t let it stop you from voicing your opinion to your representatives as well.

Indoor Aquatic Facility Petition

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Vote YES to Norman Forward October 13

If you recently turned 18 or haven’t registered to vote, the deadline for registering and being able to vote in the October election is September 18. Go to for more information on how to register. Remember, this is the election that will bring a year-round aquatic center to Norman.

register to vote


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Pisces 7th Annual End-of-Summer Swim Party

Celebrate swimming! See you at Westwood on August 19 at 6 p.m.


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Let City Council Know You Want a Pool!

Norman is getting a new pool…if you help us keep the pressure on.

We are asking that everyone on the swim team email their council member and the Mayor supporting Norman Forward and the aquatics part in particular. We are hoping these emails will be sent the week of June 8. Like the public meetings, the swimming people are doing it this week, soccer the following week, BBall/VBall the next.

Scroll down on the Pisces homes page for email addresses for all the council members and the Mayor, plus a ward map if you don’t know which council member is yours. 

The message you send should be positive, as by all accounts all the council members are in favor of Norman Forward going to the public for a vote. Below is just an example. You should include your address and ward and that you are a voter. It would be great if you could personalize the email talking about how you and your family look forward to using the pool, library etc.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support of the Norman Forward project. I am most interested in the indoor aquatics portion of the project. Norman really needs this. I will be there to vote yes for these projects when it comes to a vote. Again thanks for what you are doing for Norman”.

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Projects Proposed by Norman Forward

The Norman Forward group met on March 10. The list of proposed projects and estimated costs can be downloaded here: Norman Forward Projects

The last page is a tentative calendar for study sessions for specific projects.


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Swimming is for ALL AGES

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Letter from Mayor Rosenthal

Letter from Mayor Rosenthal

Where’s the aquatic center that you supported, Mayor Rosenthal?

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Blast from the Past

Swim teams are nothing new to Norman. Can you identify any of these high school swimmers? Or the year? Give us your answer on our Facebook page–


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Post Pisces Yard Signs

We still want the Norman community to know the importance of an aquatic center for Norman. Post your yard signs, and generate interest. If you don’t have a Pisces yard sign or know of someone else who needs one, contact Diane Moershel at or Nancy Yoch at .

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USA Swimming and other swim industry partners launched a summer-long program called SwimToday about the fun and benefits of swimming. It is being led by five-time Olympian swimmer, Dara Torres. Look for televised public service announcements like this:


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