Saving Lives

Nine people drown each day in the U.S. Throughout the world, 1.2 million people die by drowning every year. This translates to more than two people drowning per minute. More than half of people who drown are children.


About one third of children who drown do so in and around the home. Even children with one or more swimming certificates may drown in emergencies.


Nearly 70% of African American children and 58% of Hispanic children have low or no swim ability, compared to 40% of Caucasians, putting them at risk for drowning. 


Parental fear and lack of encouragement are major contributors to a child’s lack of ability to swim.  Family and parental swimming involvement/encouragement have been determined as critical to a child’s swimming ability.


Drownings are preventable with swim and water safety lessons. It’s an easy fix to a big problem, and another reason Norman would benefit for a community aquatics facility.


(Statistics from The Make a Splash program at and the International Life Saving Foundation at

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